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Ho Chi Minh Weather in April

Warmer and more humid than previous months, April welcomes tourists to Ho Chi Minh City with pleasant weather. Moreover, the Vietnam’s Reunification Day seems to make the atmosphere on streets become livelier for the last few days of the month, and all visits to the city on this occasion become more special. 


April marks the beginning of the wet season in Ho Chi Minh City. A slight increase in temperature and humidity make the weather in this month a little bit hotter than that in some previous months. Meanwhile, the rainfall amount rises significantly and somehow reduces the dryness of weather. These days, tourists should take umbrella and light raincoat along to prevent themselves from getting wet due to occasional rains. 

Average April temperature: 30 oC
April high: 35 oC
April low: 25 oC
Relative humidity: 72%
Expected number of wet days: 5

  March April May
Average high 33 C degree 35 C degree 35 C degree
Average low 23 C degree 25 C degree 25 C degree
Humidity 70% 72% 79%
Precipitation 15 mm 50 mm  200 mm
Rainy days 2 days 5 days 12 days

Travel Tips for April in HCMC

Note that April is also the month for public holiday: Vietnam Reunification Day falls on April 30th and followed by International Labour Day on May 1st. During this public holiday, streets are decorated with national flags, colorful banners, flower installation and, surprisingly enough, emptied with very few people. City residents will be having get-away to the beach or nearby mountain's area for the rare few long holidays they have. 

In some special years like 20th, 25th, or 30th anniversary (and so on) of the libration day, there are grandiose parades along main streets and a number of live art performances taking place in many spots. If traveling to Ho Chi Minh City these days, tourists should pay a visit to the Reunification Palace and Cu Chi tunnels, historical places stick to the Vietnam War, to know more about the war, history and people in Vietnam.  

The last month of dry season is a good time for tourists to visit Ho Chi Minh City.