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Ho Chi Minh Weather in August

The weather remains hot and rainy during August. Though the temperature is quite high, sudden pouring rains that often last for few minutes somehow make atmosphere cooler and refresh the city. Average August temperature: 28 oC

  July August September
Average high 33 C degree 33 C degree 33 C degree
Average low 24 C degree 24 C degree 24 C deree
Humidity 83% 84% 85%
Precipitation 300 mm 275 mm 325 mm
Rainy days 13 days 12 days 14 days

The temperature is stable at high level (24 – 33 degree Celsius) during four consecutive months including June, July, August and September. In addition, high humidity (84%) makes the weather become hotter and atmosphere become fairly oppressive, especially in the daytime.

This kind of hot and wet weather is good condition for development and spread of some infectious disease, especially skin, respiratory, and digestive diseases. Hence, tourists should wear long-sleeve cotton dress or apply sunscreen and not go out during the hottest hours of the day (usually 11am to 2pm) to avoid the heat and the sun. Umbrella and raincoat are still good companions of tourists this month. Besides, travelers should eat fruits that contain much vitamin C like guava, orange, strawberry, and kiwi to enhance the body’s resistance to disease.

A trip to Thu Duc Stork Garden in these hot days is a great idea. Just about 20 kilometers from the center city, the garden is a wonderful getaway for anyone who wants to get out of the crowded city and looks for some nature. In here, tourists can go camping in the shady garden or row boat along the river to watch numerous white storks and enjoy fresh air. Besides, one can go fishing, visit nearby crocodile farm, enjoy fresh meals and rest on hammocks. For tourists, who do not have enough time to travel far from the city center, swimming and playing in Dam Sen Water Park is a good choice on hot days too. Travel wisely to save yourself energy.