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Ho Chi Minh Weather in May

May is officially the first month of rainy season in Ho Chi Minh City that lasts for seven months (from May till November). The weather is quite hot, and occasional pouring rains make umbrella and raincoat are good companions these days. Getting out of the crowded city and relax in the suburban area with lush trees and cool atmosphere is so great in hot days.Average May temperature: 30 oC


May high: 35 oC
May low: 25 oC
Relative humidity: 79%
Expected number of wet days: 12

  April May June
Average high 35 C degree 35 C degree 33 C degree
Average low 25 C degree 25 C degree 24 C degree
Humidity 72% 79% 83%
Precipitation 50 mm  200 mm 325 mm
Rainy days 5 days 12 days 15 days


In May, Ho Chi Minh City is experiencing the hottest days in a year with highest level of temperature fluctuating between 25 and 35 degree Celsius. Moreover, relative high humidity (79%) makes the temperature seemingly higher than it actually is, and the weather become hotter than it should be. This kind of weather may make tourists, especially who are familiar with cool or cold climate like Scandinavian, Russian feel uncomfortable. As the first month of rainy season, the amount of rainfall in May rise dramatically with precipitation at 200m (four times of that in April) and 12 expected rainy days (more than twice of that in April). Sudden pouring rains in hot weather easily make people get sick. So, remember to apply sun cream, long dress and take an umbrella or raincoat along with you always. 

Travel tips for HCMC in May

In these hot days, tourists should get out of the heat in the downtown by traveling to ecological tourism attractions mostly located in the suburban, where they can enjoy much more cooler and refreshing atmosphere. Vam Sat ecological tourist center, the wetland dominated by mangrove in Can Gio district is an ideal choice. Here, tourists will have relaxing moments when boating in the mangrove forest and enjoy bird songs. Besides, one can join interesting activities like visiting crocodile farm and feeding them, or plunging into salt water pool and enjoying delicious hotpot with freshwater fish. An in-to-the-wild trip in these hot days is a great choice.

May might not be the best time to visit Ho Chi Minh City, but it is proper time for any one who wants to taste the flavor of the hot-humid climate in the tropics.