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Ho Chi Minh Weather in November

As the last month of rainy season, the weather in November is more pleasant than it in some previous months with less rain amount and lower humidity. The cool weather at night is ideal condition for enjoying dinner cruise along Saigon River and appreciating the city’s beauty by night. 

•Average November temperature: 28 oC
•November high: 33 oC
•November low: 23 oC
•Relative humidity: 81%
•Expected number of wet days: 12

  October November December
Average high 33 C degree 32 C degree 33 C degree
Average low 23 C degree 23 C degree 23 C degree
Humidity 85% 81% 77%
Precipitation 225 mm 100cm 50 mm
Rainy days 12 days 10 days 5 days

Though the temperature in November is very similar to it in previous month, lower humidity makes this month’s weather become cooler. It is still rather hot during the daytime, but really pleasant at night. The rainfall amount in the last month of rainy season dropped significantly to about half of what it was in the previous month. However, with one third of days in November experiencing rainy weather, umbrella and raincoat are still good friends of travelers.

When the weather starts getting cool at night, it is great time to enjoy a cruise dinner along Saigon River. It is very relaxing to enjoy the cool winds and watch the city sparkling by night while having local specialties on floating restaurants. Besides, tourists can take a walk at Bach Dang Park which lies along Sai Gon River to enjoy the cool atmosphere at night.

Though the weather in November is much more pleasant than it in previous months of rainy season, it is not a really good time to visit Ho Chi Minh City. It would be much better if tourists wait until December, the first month of dry season to visit the city and enjoy the festivity with the locals.