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Ho Chi Minh Weather in October

The weather in October reflects it in the previous month with frequent rains, relative high temperature and humidity. Enjoying coffee in a sidewalk café and see the rain fall may be one of the most interesting things that tourists should try when visiting the city these days.

Average October temperature: 28 oC
October high: 33 oC
October low: 23 oC
Relative humidity: 85%
Expected number of wet days: 12

  September October November
Average high 33 C degree 33 C degree 32 C degree
Average low 24 C deree 23 C degree 23 C degree
Humidity 85% 85% 81%
Precipitation 325 mm 225 mm 100cm
Rainy days 14 days 12 days 10 days

The weather in October remains hot and humid like it was in September. High humidity at 85% (the highest humidity level of the year) makes the daytime temperature seem to be higher then it actually is. This kind of hot and wet weather may make tourists who are familiar with cool climate like Korean, Japanese, and New Zealander feel uncomfortable. Cotton long-sleeve shirt, umbrella and raincoat are good companions these days.  

Café is an inherent part of Saigonses’ life. It is quite hard to find out one street without any coffee shops here. For tourists who visit Ho Chi Minh City this month, dropping by a small sidewalk café to try this bitter black drink is a good way to avoid sudden pouring rains. One can enjoy coffee in a café book, café music, luxurious café on high floor of skyscrapers and so on, depending on his/ her taste. However, drinking coffee at a sidewalk café, which is preferred by most locals, may be the most simple but interesting way of relaxation.  

October seems to be a better idea to visit Ho Chi Minh City than in the summer months, though it is not the best yet.