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Information about Walking in Vietnam

You will soon realize that walking around is both fun and tricky in Vietnam. from finding a pavement to crossing the street. The downtown areas in main cities such as Hanoi, Ho Chi Minh City or Hoi An all have walking streets and many tourists reported that walking is the best way to experience local life.

In the countryside, walking is both safe and enjoyable while in the highland area, walking is a really relaxing activity. In the cities, especially in crowded area, take precaution of your belongings while you walk. See our travel tips on walking for more information.

Fun Corner:
Joe Ruelle - a famous Canadian blogger - who is quite a figure in Vietnam public media, once jokingly said that:

The traffic rule of thumb that all pedestrians in Vietnam have to accept is that:
- Zebra Crossing: vehicles still run and you cannot cross
- Zebra Crossing with red lights: vehicles still run and you cannot cross
- Zebra Crossing with red lights and a few policemen at the roundabout: vehicles still run and you still cannot cross
- Zebra Crossing, Red lights, Policemen at the roundabout and the vehicle is out of gas: YES, you can cross